The ADM team are proud to partner with the No.1 worldwide leader in Dealership Live Chat – Contact at Once!    

Utilised by the largest dealer groups across America and Europe as the premium ‘Live Chat’ solution. This feature packed service hosts a list of benefits to lift sales and offer 24 hour customer service which includes the new – TEXT CONNECT. Whether 24/7 managed, self-staffed or a combination of both; your team can now ‘take the chat’ like a phone call.

Highly flexible, CRM integration, full analytics, live dashboard, mobile app and much more… makes this system the best available.

Please contact the ADM team for detailed information and pricing on this lead capture sales tool, now available in Australia!

‘Auto Dealer Chat’ by Contact at Once!


The ‘Contact at Once’ Live Chat system is built specifically for Car Dealerships and is proven to increase sales and customer service. With full statistics proving its effectiveness in over 10,000 dealerships worldwide, this service has been refined to offer an advantage to all profit centres within any dealership.


Offered as a 24/7 fully managed service, a self staffed system or a combination of both! These options allow your staff members to actively ‘chat’ with customers on your website in real time with managed back-up if your staff are busy. Easily set-up to be used on PC and mobile phone, allowing staff to never miss an opportunity to chat and set an appointment.


Fine-tuned reporting is fundamental to this service’s success. Dealerships receive ‘live’ reporting when each customer is engaged with full chat transcripts and complete backend analytics showing highly important statistics for all dealership departments. Knowledge gained through ‘chat’ analytics has improved dealership marketing objectives and CSI scores. Invaluable information on your customers is available.

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